Videos Using  Extend USA Hair Extensions


Watch and SEE for yourself

Videos Using Best Remy Extend USA Hair Extensions, our informative videos will show you our unique custom color blending. We give you the stylist, complete control without limitations. Unlike pre-bonded hair extension techniques, you can put as many colors into each individual extension as you want to blend flawlessly with the client’s own hair.

Videos Using Best Remy Extend USA Hair Extensions


You are not stuck with one type of hair! No client’s hair is exactly the same. Why should you be limited to using one or two hair extension types of hair? Stylists get to choose the size of each extension. Thicker hair? No problem. Make each extension a little larger. Is the client’s hair fine or fragile? You can determine to make the bonds smaller. With so many at DIY extensions out there, why not give your clients the option of having the hair they have always wanted all the time?

Stylists are the professional. You can give them the hair they have always dreamed of. You can offer them the ease of hair extensions that can be shampooed, blown dry and styled daily just like their own hair. Unlike clip ins, they have it all the time with such ease. And after all this you have done for them, you will increase your income substantially. It’s a win-win situation for you and your clients!!!


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