Stylists Certification-Two day intense training classes


Some hairdressers and stylists feel they can offer hair extensions just by watching a video and buying a kit. These videos are not necessarily bad. Some videos do offer a visual refresher on the application, but they lack the knowledge of overall placement. With Extend USA Two Day Stylists Certification you will learn the Art of attaching Hair Extensions. After Two Days Training, you will leave with a sense of accomplishment. You will be able to take your hair extensions training more professionally to your client. You will offer them the proper extension application method that is best for their lifestyle. Our educators work with each stylist in a hands-on environment.  Real skills hairdressers need – in real life situations.


Stylists Certification-Two day intense training classes
Stylists Certification-Two day intense training classes

Stylists Certification

Become a hair extension expert with our intensive two-day class. Earn more and get more clients. Our teaching philosophy focuses on hands-on, real-world scenarios.  Extend USA has trained over 2,500 stylists in the USA. They believe in the power of education and offer hands-on classes. Classes limited to six students per educator. This ensures that students master the Extend USA technique. Two Day Workshops are available in Washington, DC; Anaheim, CA; Minneapolis, MN; and Philadelphia, PA.We also use our years of experience in sales and marketing to teach you how to sell this service to their clients.

What you will learn


• Latest hair extensions techniques and removal process.
• The creating highlight, lowlights, length, and adding Volume.
• The Art of a proper consultation to fill in thin hair areas.
• The proper way to select natural hair for extension application.
• The right way to Cut and Style Hair Extensions using a Razor.
• How to introduce Extension service into your salon.

Also Included With Class


• Hair Extension Kit – Ten Pack of Resin, Table, Removing Tool, Silicon Pads,
Color Ring, Mannequin Head, and hair to use during class
• An Extend USA certificate of completion
• Complimentary lunch

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