Customized Resin Bond Process

Customized Resin Bond Process

 To Begin:

Shampoo the client’s hair twice with Extend Clarifying shampoo. Do not use conditioner on the scalp area focus on ends of hair.

Dry the hair thoroughly.

Wash the silicone pads, clips, and combs with clarifying shampoo. Wash your hands and do not use hand creams or lotions.

To Form the Customized Resin Bond Process:

Take a section of hair of approximately 1/8” to 1/4” square. Pull hair down through Drawing Matt using right hand.Taking small amounts of

hair to custom blend properly and transfer into the left hand.

Blunt cut end holding hair approximately 3/4” from fingertips.

With blunt cut hair in left hand, gently depress resin gun trigger. Apply a small amount of resin to the hair and roll around the nozzle to distribute evenly.

With the extension hair in left hand lift clients hair up with the right hand and place extension hair under clients hair approximately 1/4” from the scalp. (this allows the bond to move freely from clients scalp)

Take your silicone pad in your right hand, place flat against the head under the client’s hair, then pull the client’s hair down into the extension hair to integrate into the client’s natural hair. (must see resin come through hair)

Release hair in right hand and take the left side of silicone pad with the left hand with middle fingers touching against the head, creating an arc and then fold and roll the silicone pad. (45-degree angle to the folded pad)

Keep your shoulders down, create a rocking motion with your left hand and a rolling motion with your right hand to create the perfect bond.

Use your fingers to finish the football shaped bond.

To Remove. Acetone:

Remove bonds within three to four months.

With the remover bottle, apply a few drops of acetone* directly onto the bond. (Acetone is a pure form of nail polish remover)

Acetone* re-activates the resin making it turn into a powder.

Wearing gloves, Use flat-nosed pliers to squeeze and break the bond and gently comb the powder and the extension hair away from the client’s hair.


Acetone is a considered a universal solvent in the medical profession.