Operation and Maintenance of Applicator


Operation and Maintenance of Applicator – Extend USA uses a unique naturally derived resin from tree bark. It will remain in the applicator and will not produce excessive spillage, even when using for many hours.


It is important that a fresh resin stick is inserted immediately inside the applicators’ chamber before plugging into the electrical outlet. The extra resin is added as needed; unused resin will not go bad inside the applicator.


After inserting resin stick into the chamber, plug in the power cord. It will take approximately fifteen minutes to heat the applicator to the best operating temperature.


A new applicator will use excessive resin during the first days use. This is normal since the applicator needs priming. The applicator doesn’t work as a water gun. When you squeeze the trigger, it lowers the resin into the heating chamber, and then it comes out. There is a slight delay so give fit time don’t keep squeezing the trigger.


Make sure a replacement resin stick is inserted into the applicator chamber as soon as the existing resin stick is half way through the applicators’’ chamber.


Although it rarely happens, the applicator may become jammed. If this occurs, place pressure on the trigger with one hand and use the other hand to press on resin stick to force resin into the heating chamber. STAY AWAY from the tip as it may squirt resin out once the jam is released. Call 301-879-0-8700 if you need our help.


Once the resin is exposed to excessive air, moisture can contaminate the stick. Keep all unused resin in their foil bags is important.  A moisture contaminated stick of resin will steam and foam out of the applicator. When this occurs, the remainder of the affected stick must be purged from the applicator and replace with a new resin stick.