“Hair Loss Expert, Author, and Founder of Wigs for Kids

Jeffrey Paul Woman’s Thinning Hair Loss Solutions book is where this text comes from. Since practically the beginning of time, women have sought ways to improve their looks and sustain their beauty. Yet, especially in today’s times, when women have more internal and external stresses to deal with than ever before. More women face losing their locks and are presented with few facts or potential solutions to the problem.

Hair is to a woman as the summit is to its mountain. It is very much the defining peak – even to that which supports it. The anxiety that accompanies the first sign of hair thinning can shift to panic as she sees her familiar appearance becoming compromised.  

Hair loss can be devastating to a woman. Some chemotherapy patients have said that losing their hair was so horrible, its impact surpassed that of the disease for which they were being treated in the first place.

While such examples are extreme, they are not unusual. Whether the hair loss is mild, moderate, or severe, invariably it has a detrimental effect on a woman’s sense of self that can affect every aspect of her life. As any woman who has ever struggled with hair loss can testify, hair is not just hair. Restoring a woman’s beautiful hair – or giving her a head of hair that is more beautiful than she ever dreamed she could have – is a powerful way to enable her inner beauty to shine forth. Just tuning into some of my clients’ stories at http://jeffreypaulblog.com/restoring-beautiful-hair confirms that.


“Don’t want to change, and I don’t want to be ashamed. I’m the spirit of

my hair – it’s all the glory that I bear.

I am my hair.”

-Lady Gaga

Hair loss wasn’t always at the forefront of my own life. After training in Europe, I became a very high profile salon stylist. I worked on stage with Vidal Sassoon and Paul Mitchell. I styled Saudi Arabian royal family, top runway models, and the President of the United States.

Then my nine-year-old niece learned that she had cancer. “Uncle Jeffrey,” she said. “Don’t let me lose my hair.” She was about to try out for gymnastics and I promised her she would be able to perform without having to worry about how she looked.

I made Wigs in Europe as part of my training, but the Wig I needed to produce for my niece wouldn’t ba a fashion Wig. It needed to be designed for a child and to stay on through anything. With the help of a manufacturer and various specialists, we were able to create the right Wig for her, and she performed like a star. Seeing the joy on her face at her moment of accomplishment enlightened me in a completely new way. I experienced an awakening of purpose, both in my career and in my life.

Jeffrey Paul Woman’s Thinning Hair Loss Solutions

Six months later, I opened the doors of Jeffrey Paul’s Center for Restoring Beautiful Hair ( hereafter, often referred to as the “Center”) On that day, my mother and my sister were diagnosed with cancer. In the ensuing months, I learned about the compassion needed to help someone who is dealing with a life-threatening disease as well as hair loss.  In the coming years, I would learn even more from a multitude of clients. Later I then created the Jeffrey Paul Academy for training hairdressers.

Once the media caught on to what we were doing with our hair loss treatments, everything exploded. I began hearing about children who needed Wigs but couldn’t afford them, so we set up a nonprofit organization – Wigs for Kids. Over the years, our organization has helped thousands. We’ve never turned away a child.

I have worked with thousands of female clients – including girls as young as five years old – on their hair thinning and hair loss concerns. I have been the proverbial “fly on the wall” of the metaphorical private locker room, where a woman’s initial inquiries about her hair loss are at first tentatively whispered. Many women have told me that losing their hair was as traumatic as the loss of any body part. I have seen time and time again how a woman’s life is radically changed for the worse due to hair loss, and then I have seen it get dramatically better after a skillful Hair Restoration.