History-Hair Extensions

History-Hair Extensions


Hair extensions have been around almost since the beginning of time. The technique of taking hair and creating a weft and then sewing that weft onto a cornrow has never been traced back to one person. It wasn’t until 1980 that a man named Simon Forbes introduced to England synthetic hair extensions for Caucasian clients. The first celebrity client to wear them was none other than Boy George! The synthetic hair was called “mono-fiber, ” and the technique was a four stem braid. It took two people to apply the hair, one held and one braided and the technique could take up to six hours. After the mono-fiber hair had been braided into the client’s hair, it was then heat sealed onto their hair. Simon is credited with not only the invention of synthetic hair but also the tools used to apply them.

Richard learns how:

In 1988 Richard learned how to apply for Dome hair extensions and later became an educator for Simon Forbes. By 1990 Richard realized the need for using human hair as opposed to synthetic hair. At that time he integrated Chinese hair with the four stem braid technique. He then realized a year later that he couldn’t apply these into clients with fine hair due to the stem braid being so large, so he returned to London and learned a new technique using a much smaller connection.

Hair types:

During this time Richard was experimenting using Indian hair instead of Asian hair. He discovered that the diameter and texture of Asian hair were much greater than that of Indian hair. Asian hair also had to be severely coated with silicone to make it look and feel like healthy hair. After using Indian hair for several years, there was a new type of hair becoming available called “European hair”. What made this type of hair so enticing was that it was not as chemically treated as Indian/Remy hair since the natural level of the hair was much lighter. , When creating light blondes’ extension hair, such as number 613, it is imperative that the extension hair never starts any darker than a dark blonde. Since many Americans are of European descent, it was only natural for Extend to work with European hair, as well as Indian Remy.


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