The History of Extend USA Hair Extensions

The History of Extend USA Hair Extensions – was established in 1999 by Richard and Cristine Millstein. After years of seeing unnatural hair extensions, they created Extend USA Hair Extensions. Quality and extensions that gave length and volume. Custom blended hair color without damage. Richard began his career in the beauty industry in 1971. His educational achievements include Jhirmack, Paul Mitchell Systems, Aveda, Joico, Zegarelli, and Dome. In 1973 Richard became associated with the legendary Paul Mitchell. He worked on stage in the early years with Paul. Richard, a devoted friend, helped Paul launch one of the largest hair care companies. He has also shared the stage with Eric Fisher, Arnold Zegarelli, and Aveda.

Where it all began.

In 1988 Richard began his hair extension career, learning hair extensions in England. In 1990 he began to see a need for a better system that was not yet available. Extend USA held high value in education. Add volume to fine hair without adding length. Offering the technique of using more than one color in a single strand bond. Custom Color Blending.

The result, a hair extension method for mainstream America!

In 1997 Richard met Cristine working for Zegarelli Hair Care. They were a platform team for the company. Richard taught haircutting and Cristine showed hair coloring techniques. They married within a year. He shared his ideas of hair extensions, and she became the driving force of helping him execute his plans. In 2001 Extend USA Hair Extensions was born. Richard and Cristine oversee all the daily operations of the business. Cristine developed the system of Custom Color Blending of Hair Extensions. They are the proud parents of two children, Matthew & Michael and operate a salon in Maryland.
Richard and Cristine still love working in a salon. They are always learning new and better ways of doing Hair Extensions.