Hair Extensions Post Chemotherapy

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Hair Extensions Post-Chemotherapy

One Survivor’s Story

June 2014  I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. You know you have a tough road ahead. Nobody can prepare you for what your journey will be, physically or emotionally. Everyone is different.

At the time of my diagnosis, my kids were ages 9 and 12. We talked to them about my illness and the plan for treatment. They were scared. I knew they would not worry as much if they saw me continuing to live my life and staying active.  I did this to the best of my ability. Many unusual side effects from my treatments were felt. I was fortunate to feel pretty good. I was able to continue working and maintain a healthy day.

“Almost two years later,  I finished my treatments. They included twenty weeks of chemotherapy. Two targeted therapy drugs, a radical mastectomy and six weeks of radiation.

Dealing with hair loss

Hair Extensions Post-Chemotherapy

“Facing the challenges of hair loss from chemotherapy was very difficult. I chose to wear a wig throughout most of my treatment.  There was another challenge when treatment was over. My hair was going to start to grow back. It would be hard to continue wearing a wig. “My doctor advised me to get sunlight to let my head breathe and promote hair growth. I was not comfortable being bald.  I was going to work and in front of clients a lot.

“A friend told me about Extend USA. They specialized in hair extensions for women who have faced hair loss from chemotherapy. Their trained specialists can attach hair extensions to hair as short as one inch. I consulted with the company owner, Richard Millstein. Once my hair was at the right length, I went to his salon for extensions.

“It was incredible to see the intricacy of attaching hundreds of strands of hair! The transformation was amazing! I have been wearing the hair extensions now for almost six months, and my hair is growing in nicely with them!

“Today, I am trying to live my new normal life — happy to be cancer free and a survivor!”

Noel Garner

Learn How to use Hair Extensions for Chemo Patients.

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