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About Extend USA Hair Extension Training

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Extend USA Hair Extension Training was created to help hair stylist increase their income and help their clients. Extend USA, founded in 1999 by the husband-wife duo, Richard and Cristine Millstein. Richard is a hairdresser and educator with over 35 years experience in the beauty industry. Early on Richard realized the need for advanced education. Pivot Point was his first advanced hair cutting school. He has worked as an educator and platform artist for Aveda, Paul Mitchell, Joico, and Zegarelli. Richard has trained thousands of stylists in advanced hair cutting, styling, and hair extensions. Now while working three days in his salon, he tries to perfect different techniques and patterns. “I believe we live in a state of constant change, so it is important  to be a part of that change.” Trying to put extensions on a clients head where they have never been before is his passion.


Cristine is an educator and has done platform work as a hair color specialist for Zegarelli Products before starting Extend. With over 23 years experience in the beauty industry, she has helped to develop the custom color blending process that has become known as Extend USA Hair Extensions. Richard and Cristine work behind the chair side by side at Cris Richards Hair Studio as well as own and operate Cris Richard’s Inc together. They both believe in helping every single hairdresser achieve their individualized dreams by working smarter not harder and offering the hairdressers clients the hair they always dreamed.

We offer a unique custom-blending application method.

Extend USA has the edge on custom color blending. We can match ANY hair color. Our method allows hairdressers complete control over the amount of hair and color they use.  The result? Thicker, fuller, wash and go hair. Hairdressers have the ability to adjust the length, volume, and thickness to personalize the client’s look. After attaching the extensions, you the professional hairdresser will offer your customer what she has always really wanted and was never able to have. She can wash, blow dry, wear up or down and it will last for up to three months!! Extend USA hair extensions will move the same way as her natural hair and no one will be able to detect she is wearing them.

 Extensions are incredibly versatile.

 We offer the very finest European human hair in the industry with over 35 natural hair colors to choose from.  Extend USA teaches you how to add as many colors in one extension as you feel necessary. We teach you how to give your clients perfect hair color and texture while eliminating hair extensions that look artificial. We are the only reputable system to extend Chemo Patients and customers with thinning hair safely. For the last three years, Extend USA has been perfecting smaller specific extensions for the top of your clients head. Slowly we realized that we could successfully extend the entire top of a customer as long as we had at least one inch of hair. No other company can say that. Our bonds are so small that they hide themselves.

Extend USA helps you after your training by offering refresher courses via Skype. We teach you not only how to market to your existing clientele but also how to reach out to new clients. We help you to earn more money by working smarter not harder. Most importantly, we teach you the tools to offer your customers MORE. As any good hairdresser knows, the best part of our business is making your clients genuinely feel better about themselves and instilling confidence in them. Extend USA knows that this is the fundamental approach to real success. We want to partner with you to help you achieve your dreams.

About Extend USA Hair Extension Training

Extend USA has been around for close to 2 decades. Many companies have come and gone. We still offer trend techniques that support both male and female clients, individual attention, and integrity. They have two-day training classes in several different states. Extend USA use only the finest hair found from all over the world. We have made it our mission to work with the best suppliers to know that the hair is coming from reputable sources. Plus, we use a safe non-damaging resin derived from tree sap.

Our hair extensions are safe to use on your hair. The resin repels water, and you can remove it with acetone. (Acetone is considered a universal safe solvent in the medical and dental industry- for more information on acetone, please feel free to read Extend USA’s removal is far faster, easier and less labor intensive than pre-bonded systems that use glue. We still believe in the greatness of the PROFESSIONAL beauty industry that prides itself on education! We are still owned and operated by hairdressers. That means when you call with a professional question it will be answered by a licensed professional.

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