Hair Extension Placement

To begin placement, you will first determine what you are trying to achieve. You can create highlights, lowlights, repair an incorrect haircut or hair color, add volume or length by using one or both extension row patterns.. (solid or scattered). The most important thing to remember is that you take clean sections. Do not apply bonds closer than 1” from the hairline. When in doubt section the hair the same way you would section it for a hairstyle you are trying to create.

Scattered rows are used to integrate the clients’ natural hair into the extension hair and for adding highlights and volume.

Solid rows are spaced evenly and more closely together than scattered rows and are used to create length and bulk in the hair.

Standard Placements

Hair Extension Placement
Hair Extension Placement



1 scatter row
1 solid row


Highlights / Volume

3 scattered rows



1 scattered row

1 solid or scattered row 3 solid rows

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Demonstration of the correct placement of hair extensions. It is very important that you take clean precise partings. Extend USA Hair Extensions Training teaches the correct way of extending hair.