Hair Extension Class Photographs

These Hair Extension Class Photographs were taken during their two-day training. Some of the photos were taken within the first month of their training.


Samie’s hair is straight, fine texture, and no natural body.


This is Samie’s hair after Hair Extensions. Tiffany put one Row of Extensions above her ear at the Temple. The next row went a half inch above her ear in a horseshoe section around her head. It dipped under her Occipital Bone. She used one bundle of hair. The horseshoe section had forty individual single strand extensions.

Two Day Training

Tiffany was doing a pre-bonded hair extension system before learning Extend USA’s system. She had noticed some damage to her client’s hair after removing them. The salon she works at in New Jersey, Studio Salon is known for Hair Extensions.  A client came in who had flown to Minneapolis and had her hair done by Jon Richard six months ago. The client needed them removed. She could not believe that you could put extensions on the top of a client’s head. Tiffany asked who did them and what extension system . Extend USA was the hair extension company which she immediately called to take a two-day class.

Horseshoe Row

This row of Hair Extension goes around her head above her ear. Ther are forty strand by strand extensions in this row.

Cheryl Basilisco First Hair Extension client after taking Two Day Training Class.

Cheryl and her husband own ESBI International Salon, in Brunswick, Ohio.

Lisa Hughes first client after taking Extend USA Two Day Training Class.

Lisa owns a salon Studio No5

My name is Lisa Hughes. I was diagnosed in February of 2013 with Stage 2 breast cancer and was only 42 years old.  I underwent two lumpectomies and the removal of all lymph nodes on my right side. After that, chemotherapy and radiation. At this time, I had been a hair stylist for 15 years and had, what I considered long beautiful hair. Like most chemo girls, I tried wearing a wig – hated it – never wanted to be identified by my cancer,  I wanted to look as healthy as possible and to feel and look like me.

Being a stylist, I felt compelled to find an alternate solution other than wearing a  wig. I discovered a technique applying hair extensions to hair as short as one inch. The results are amazing!  I could get my long hair back!  The old me was back!!!

I have been trained and am now certified to perform this technique and with that STUDIO NO 5 was born.

It is extremely gratifying to help chemo girls get their lives and their hair back.

Hair Extension Class Photographs
Hair Extension Class Photographs
Extend USA Two Day Hands on Training Certification
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Two Day Hands on Trainning
Extend USA offers two-day hands-on training to learn how to properly extend your clients hair.