Hair Extensions Care

Hair Extension Care

Hair Extension Care is very important to maintaining your new set of extensions. Read the list below to make sure you properly care for your new hair. When you follow the right steps your hair will last the recommended amount of time.


• Brush your hair when it is dry before you shampoo to get out any tangles.

• Use a wide-tooth comb or a soft bristle brush when separating your hair. 

• Firmly hold your hair just below the extension bond to make sure you don’t pull out your extensions.


• Brush out all existing tangles before you shampoo your hair, this is a very important step otherwise you will create more tangling.

• Use a clarifying shampoo from the scalp to the ends, Cris Richards Shampoo is specially made for hair extensions and contains clarifying agents. The Clarifying is to remove any buildup from a styling product.

• Gently massage the scalp, don’t overstimulate the scalp.

• DO NOT vigorously scrub when washing or towel drying which could cause ripping out of your extensions. (This may cause the hair to tangle or mat.)

• Wash your hair often to remove any oil or residue, the more you shampoo the better don’t baby your extensions.


• Use a moisturizing conditioner on your ends, make sure not to get conditioner on the bonds.

• Rinse the conditioner out thoroughly and separate with fingers.


• Avoid putting really oily products near the bonds or silicon based products.

• It is safe to use irons, blow dryers, don’t flip your head upside down to get more fullness. This could cause the hair to matt when you bring your head back up.

• Use fabric scrunchies or knit bands to tie the hair back instead of elastic bands.


• Put your hair in a loose braid with a cloth band to avoid tangles at night. A satin pillowcase also works well.


• Removal is included in the price of the original service

• Extensions should be removed or replaced approximately every three months. Hair grows approximately half an inch a month, so three months later some of the hair in the bond has come out.

It is recommended that you come into the salon at some point for a trim or blow dry to see how the extensions are working out for you.

If you have any questions or concerns about your hair extensions, do not hesitate to contact us.