Extend USA Hair Extension Manual – Health – Safety

  • It is imperative to handle the resin gun and hot resin with extreme
  • Never heat the resin gun without a stick inserted. Reload a new stick when the current one has passed the trigger
  • Always plug in and pre-heat the applicator usually about 10 to 15
  • Do not use excessive pressure when squeezing the trigger of the applicator, this could cause a burst of resin to pour out unexpectedly and is a costly waste of product. It doesn’t work like a water
  • If the applicator fails to grip the resin stick when the trigger is depressed, gently push the end of the stick at the rear of the
  • When dispensing resin do not use excessive force and never point the applicator nozzle in the direction of yourself or your
  • It is normal for a little resin to drip from the applicator, therefore a drip tray has been provided with the workstation table,
  • If the resin should come into contact with skin, immediately immerse the area in cold

Do not peel resin from the skin until it has cooled completely.

  1. Use the silicone pad to protect your fingers when rolling the hot resin to form a smooth sealing bond. (The smooth seal prevents shampoo and other agents from breaking down the )
  2. The bond material is a resin, not a glue. The difference is that glue doesn’t unglue and a resin forms a “bond” onto or around something. One of the most common problems of bond failure is contamination of the bond. This can be from excessive product build-up on the hair, natural oils, sweat or other contaminant’s getting onto the silicone pad used to form the bond.
  3. Our Resin is a Naturally Derived from tree sap, non-toxic heat activated

If a bond fails to be satisfactory, remove it before proceeding.

Extend USA Hair Extension Manual - Health - Safety
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Extend USA Hair Extension Manual - Health - Safety
Learn about the proper use of our Resin and Resin Gun. What to do and what not to do. This is part of our manual for a stylist that has taken our Two Day Training class. Very important to read.
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Extend USA
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