Extend USA Extensions-Choose your Hair Type

We offer an extensive range of hair to choose. Advise the client on the different types of hair available, and advise them on what hair best suits their texture, length, and budget.

Straight Hair

Tends to be straighter hair and suits the client that has very straight hair.Select the colors that best match the client’s existing hair color.

Wavy Hair

Tends to be wavy and suits the client that has wavy hair. Sometimes you can add wavy hair to fine hair to give it more movement.

All of the Extend USA extension hair is preprocessed, sanitized and colored human hair.

It is not recommended to try to lighten any of the extension hair, as doing so can compromise the integrity of this hair. The extension hair can be colored or toned darker using semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair color.

Remy Hair

This hair is the least expensive extension hair that is available from Extend. Remy is available in all the colors on the color swatch ring.

Sold in 25-gram bundles

Is thicker in diameter than European hair

Is available in 18-inch lengths and 24-inch lengths

18-inch comes in three forms: Straight, natural wave and deep wave

(The curly hair has been previously permed and will appear shorter due to the wave pattern.)

24-inch length is straight only (Because Remy hair  sold by weight, the 24-inch diameter bales do not contain as many hairs per bale as the shorter, 18-inch length bundles.)

European Hair

This quality extension hair is of a finer density than the Remy/Indian human hair and is a rarer commodity; therefore it is priced higher.

The hair is pre-packaged and offered as follows:  25-gram bundles.

European Hair has a smaller diameter than Remy hair.

Expands more, giving more fullness because of the natural body.

18-inch comes in two forms: natural body and straight.

22-inch length is only available straight and special order.

Extend USA Extensions-Choose your Hair Type
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Extend USA Extensions-Choose your Hair Type
Learn how to choose the right type of hair for your client's Hair Extensions. Extend USA offers different hair in different textures. Very important to use the right textured hair on your clients head.
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