Cutting Hair Extensions

Cutting hair extensions is what makes the look and style more realistic. Try to approach it as if a client now has long hair and you are about to create a new haircut and style. Begin by brushing out the hair, with a bristle brush. Hold the client’s head, so you don’t put too much stress on the scalp.

We recommend a combination of scissors, razor and blending shears to create your finished style.

The Technique:

Step One: Internal Weight Removal-begin by sectioning the hair row by row, back comb the client’s hair and then lightly using the razor to break up the internal length of extension hair, cutting from the line of back combing to the end of the hair.

Step Two: Perimeter Outline-Cut the perimeter of the hair just as you would cut your client’s hair using either your blending shears or razor.


Step Three: Layering & Blending: Using vertical sections begin to blend the client’s natural length at the crown of their head moving in an upward or outward motion into their new desired length. Either slide cut with your scissors or a razor or use your blending shears in a moving motion, but


Style the hair as you would normally. Refrain from using products with high alcohol contents or saturating the bonds with oils that could penetrate the bond, making the extension loose and cause it to slip out prematurely. You can use curling irons, flat irons, hot rollers or your choice of any styling tool.

How to cut Extensions