Color Blending


One of the most important aspects in making extensions look believable is the ability to custom blend each strand. Extend USA is not pre-tipped and has a wide range of colors available. The unique drawing Matt allows several individual hair colors to be blended in a single extension; your artistry can truly emerge.


When choosing the Color Blending to use on your clients think in terms of hair color. Just as you use more than one hair color, you should use a variety of hair extension colors. As an example, you could use a number 30 “red” to warm up a number 6 “brown.”


Use these guidelines:

Base color: use the swatch to match the client’s root color Highlight: use the swatch to match the lightest shade in the hair Lowlight: use the swatch to match the darkest streaks in the hair

Accent color: choose a color(s) between the lightest and darkest levels to create depth and dimension; it is not necessary, but it is an awesome effect!

When “pulling your hair” from the drawing mat try to envision the final result. The more colors you use, the more “believable” the effect.

Custom Color Blending allows you to correct unwanted tones in hair.

Remember that you must make the final result resemble the top of the client’s hair, so usually, the majority of the lighter color is used around the hairline and on the top.

Use a blocking technique to give dramatic highlight/lowlight looks.

Blend fine strands of a few close color shades to give subtle color effects while adding length, volume, and highlights.

Offer chemical-free color enhancements to clients who either don’t want to permanently change their hair color or have hair that has been over-processed and is not healthy enough for chemical services.

You should begin to create a collection of stock after each extension service, with the hair that you have left over from each job. Just as your half tubes of hair color, your remaining extension hair will become future profit.

Color Blending Extend USA Hair Extensions
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Color Blending Extend USA Hair Extensions
Learn how to properly blend different colors of hair to create a natural looking Hair Extension Style. The way to make hair extensions is using alot of different hair colors just like your clients hair.
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