Color Blending Quiz

Extend USA’s Custom Color Blending Quiz is very important in helping you retain the information you have just learned. Proven learning techniques have found the best way to learn something and remember what you have learned is to test yourself. To take learning a step further, teach what you have learned to someone else. These techniques will help you excel in learning. Teaching can be informal. You can teach custom color blending to a co-worker or to your family at dinner simply by telling them what you have read. Reciting what you have learned activates different parts of your brain that stimulate memory. Please test yourself with our simple Custom Color Quiz on the art of custom color blending.

After you have finished the quiz, do a little homework. Pick someone to tell what you have learned. These techniques are wonderful in all subject areas of life. Not just custom color blending.

Custom Color Blending Quiz:

Please answer the following questions about color blending. This quiz will take you no more than 3-5 minutes to complete. After you are finished, don’t forget to do your homework. Tell one person what you have learned.


      1.  How does custom color blending make a difference for hair extensions?
      2.  What are some different methods of determining what colors to use?
      3.  Is it better to use less or more colors when choosing hair?
      4.  Which technique gives a dynamic color effect to hair extensions?
      5.  Explain what is chemical free hair color?
      6.  How can you use the hair that is leftover from the hair extensions?