Ashley Step by Step Hair Extensions

Ashley Step by Step Hair Extensions – Ashley has light brown hair. Her ends became damaged from the sun, chlorine, and heat. We used an all over warm chocolatey brown demi-permanent hair color on Ashley. Followed by a clear glaze for excess shine. We selected three different colors of hair for Ashley. The hair extensions create more volume, length, and an asymmetrical highlight. Hair extensions give Ashley’s hair has body and movement. Her hair can hold shape throughout the entire day because of her hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Heal Hair!

Many women experience the same difficulties with their hair as Ashley did. Some hair conditions are self-inflicted. Women cause damage to their by using harsh products, or over styling the hair. Sometimes a woman is born with less hair and sometimes with age the hair becomes lifeless. Not all hair extensions created equal. Extend USA Hair Extensions excel at bringing fine or thinning hair back to life. We have often found time after time that a client’s hair will improve over time with our extensions. Hair extensions protect the hair. Often a woman will stop wearing hair extensions over time because her hair has improved.
Ashley was color glazed using Chromastics Color:  3/4 4n +1/4 4g+2inches 4ro+10 volume peroxide.We used European Natural Wavy 18 inch hair:  e14, e27, add e6.  We created asymmetrical color using Hair Extensions

Before Hair Extensions

Ashley Before

Hair Extension Placement

First Row of Solid Hair Extensions

right side just above Occipital Bone.

e27 + e14 Left side e6

Ashley Step by Step Hair Extensions

Chromastics Color Glaze

After Color Glaze

Second Row Hair Extensions

Second Solid Row of Hair Extensions

69 extensions used around the head




Ashley was cut using a razor and thinning shears, then blown dried and flat ironed.
Ashley’s second look was hot rollered, and then curling ironed and then a little backcombing.

Hair Extension Table

 e6, e14, e27

Third Row Hair Extensions

Third Row of Scattered Hair Extensions

36 extensions around top of head


Ashley Step by Step Hair Extensions
Ashley Fine Hair Step by Step Hair Extensions
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Ashley Fine Hair Step by Step Hair Extensions
Ashley has fine hair that we highlighted and lengthened. Before and after photos and how to extend her hair is explained.
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