Analyze and Select Hair Types

Analyze and Select Hair Types

Analyze and Select Hair Types is the first step in Hair Extensions. Extend USA is the only hair extension company that offers different hair types. All the other extension systems only offer one type of hair. As a stylist, your clientele has many different hair types and textures. The only way to give your clients natural looking extensions is to offer the right hair to fit their hairstyle. It is important to know about the different types of hair that are available to you.

Different Hair Types

Yak:   Comes from the animal “the Yak”, and starts off-white in color
Yaki: is a process done to hair to give it a texture like African American hair.
Asian: is a coarse hair from China that starts black and lightened and coated to make the hair feel healthy. Asian hair has twice the diameter and a much thicker cuticle than Caucasian hair. Most hair types have around five layers of cuticles while Asian hair has closer to ten.
Malaysian: is a fine hair from Asia that starts out black and lightened and coated to make the hair feel healthy. This coating will wear away after 1-2 months leaving the hair feeling brittle and dry.
Bohemian: is the name of a process that a manufacturer gave Asian hair processed in a more refined manner. After processing they coat the hair with silicone. This coating will wash away after 1 to 2 months leaving the hair dry and brittle.
Indian/Remy: a finer diameter than Asian hair but is not as fine as European hair. Since the diameter is less than Asian, the final result isn’t as coated as Asian. This hair will maintain softness and shine 8-12 WEEKS!


Extend USA Recommends the following hair types

European: a fine textured hair that is never treated. It doesn’t have any coatings, so the hair remains beautiful, shiny and healthy. European hair is lighter and is easier to style.This is what most clients prefer to wear
Virgin: hair that is all natural. This hair is available from Extend by special order only.
Dating back as far as Cleopatra, they gathered hair to make wigs. Hair gathered from countries all over the world. It is then sent to refineries, in Indonesia, and prepared for use in hair extensions. Hair comes to the companies through donations, dealers and hair exporters.
Analyze and Select Hair Types
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Analyze and Select Hair Types
Extend USA offers different types of hair for Hair Extensions. Each client has different textured hair that requires the right type of hair to extend their hair.
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