Analyze and Select Hair Types Quiz


Analyze and Select Hair Types Quiz was designed to help you understand how to match your client’s hair the right extension hair type. Using good quality hair is extremely important to the success of your client’s hair extensions looking natural. The right hair is also one of the most vital key factors to not damaging your client’s hair. Many hair extension companies sell cheap, inferior hair that tangles, mats, and puts too much weight and stress on the client’s own hair. Extend USA Hair Extensions is and has always been fully committed to selling very good quality hair that comes from reputable sources. We have been in business with these sources for years.

There is a lot of misrepresentation of hair out there! Sometimes after a hairdresser becomes successful and builds a clientele for hair extensions, they begin to buy poorer hair from cheap sources. It brings problems to the client and then to the hairdresser which causes the professional to blame extensions and quit doing them. It is VERY important to maintain the integrity of your work and offer your clients only the very best with options for you as the hairdresser to choose from. That is why Extend USA puts so much emphasis on teaching you know the different types of hair to use when doing Extensions and we designed theAnalyze and Select Hair Types Quiz to follow. Extend USA is only successful when YOU are successful.


What Hair Types could you use for:

It is important that you first analyze what type and texture hair your Client has. Extend USA offers different types of textured hair. The only way to give your client naturally looking hair is to use the proper hair in the first place. Sometimes when doing a client with fine hair it is better to use hair that has the natural body hair.

1.  Fine straight hair 

  • Why

  • Fine wavy hair

  • Why

  • Thick straight hair

  • Why

  • Thick wavy hair

  • Why

  • Highlighted hair

  • Texturized hair?

  • Why

  1. What determines what hair you use?