Hair Extension Classes-Stylists Certification Training

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(This is an excerpt from Modern Salon)

     It’s amazing what you can do
With extensions. Not only can 
you make the hair longer or 
Fuller, but you also can change the 
Color and even color correct. For
the client with trashed hair, extensions
can buy time to allow the hair to
heal as it grows.

Irina’s Story

     Irina is an actress with hair so 
damaged it has thinned throughout.
Here, extensions are used to add
color and brightness, as well as fashion. 
“The extensions will create the majority 
of the color,” says Richard Millstein, 
an extension expert from Rockville, 
Maryland. “We want to create interesting
color to peek out peek out from the 
base without changing Irina’s color.
This leaves the client with options.
The beauty of Millstein’s method is 
the ability to custom blend both the
shade and size of each extension. “If
I cut these to a certain length,” he says,
“I can reuse the remaining hair.” Millstein
points out that his system will last three 
months but that the designer has an obligation
to tell the client that this process
can be addictive.

Clients think they have more  hair

     “Clients end up believing they actually
have more hair within a very short period
of time. When the extensions are removed, 
they believe the hair designer removed their
own hair. You must tell the client 
up front what may happen.”

     Millstein also points out that this is a costly
service. Millstein would charge $1400.00,
but clients are willing to pay. “You take a
client who has a bad hair day every day of
her life. No matter how great a hair cut you
give her, she’s left with less,” he says. “It’s
a hair cut in reverse. She leaves with more.
My clients come in to get a fuller, not longer

    Cristine Millstein, who performed a pre-
extension blending color here., notes that
today’s extensions are easy to live with. 
Clients can swim confidently, shampoo to
the scalp and, she says, “she can get a foil 
retouch right over the seal.”

Hair Extension Classes-Stylists Certification 2 Day Training

Hair Extension Classes-Stylists Certification Training

Extend USA realized the need for Hair Extension Classes-Stylists Certification. Some hairdressers and stylists feel they can offer hair extensions just by watching a video and buying a kit. These videos are not necessarily bad. Some videos do offer a visual refresher on the application, but they lack the knowledge of overall placement. With Extend USA Two Day Stylists Certification you will learn the Art of attaching Hair Extensions. After Two Days Training, you will leave with a sense of accomplishment. You will be able to take your hair extensions training more professionally to your client. You will offer them the proper extension application method that is best for their lifestyle. Our educators work with each stylist in a hands-on environment.  Real skills hairdressers need – in real life situations.

 Training Classes for Thinning Hair

Our two-day training class teaches you how to safely extend your client’s hair for Thining hair clients. Our system allows you to put in as few as Ten hairs at a time in one extension. The bonding material is naturally derived from tree Bark and is weightless not causing any extra strain on your client’s new hair. We offer a special Thinning Hair certification after you have completed the two training and then pass our Skype online test. All of our educators are working stylists in their own salons. They will share our technique and real-life stories about how they deal with their own clients. Classes are small and one on one teaching. You will be assessed after class to let you know how to go back to your salon and start doing extensions. We help you every step of the way.

Stylists Certification – Two-Day Hands-on training classes

You will learn how to customize to your client’s hair color, density and hair type. Also, you will learn how to vary the sizes of the extensions to protect your client’s hair from further damage. Most importantly, because we are an owned and operated by hairdressers business, we KNOW how important it is to maintain a close relationship with you after you take our class. We now have pages spotlighting new students work after taking our Hair Extension Classes-Stylists Certification Training, Hair Extension Class Photographs.

Help with Inventory

Extend USA offers everything from SKYPE refresher courses to help you get the idea of how to order hair, so you don’t have too much or too little. We hold your inventory for you and teach you how to price so that you aren’t spending a fortune on upfront hair purchases. Furthermore, we offer overnight shipping via Fed Ex so you can offer your clients a quick solution to their needs. The truth of the matter is- Extend USA is not successful until YOU are.

Hair Extension Classes-Stylists Certification 

Extend USA  offers personalized 2-day Stylists Certification – Hair Extension Classes for you. Whether you have been doing extensions for decades or are learning for the very first time, you will love the individual attention you receive from us! This is not your average extension system or training. Extend USA’s extensions are not just about length. Our extensions are about customizing every extension for each of your client’s needs. Our extensions are gentle enough to be used for your post-chemo clients and also for your clients that have thinning hair.

We still work behind the chair doing hair extension clients. Every time I do a new client I try to do their hair better than the last time. After years of doing extensions, we realized that we could do the top of our client’s hair. This led to the ability to do Chemo Patients. We are constantly striving to come up with new ways of fixing clients hair problems. We pass on this knowledge in our Hair Extension Classes-Stylists Certification Training.

What we teach


• Latest hair extensions techniques and removal process.
• The creating highlight, lowlights, length, and adding Volume.
• The Art of a proper consultation to fill in thin hair areas.
• The proper way to select natural hair for extension application.
• The right way to Cut and Style Hair Extensions using a Razor.
• How to introduce Extension service into your salon.

Also Included With Class


• Hair Extension Kit – Ten Pack of Resin, Table, Removing Tool, Silicon Pads,
Color Ring, Mannequin Head, and hair to use during class
• An Extend USA certificate of completion
• Complimentary lunch

Two Day Classes Now Forming !

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