Hair Extensions after Chemo

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Hair Extensions after Chemo

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Cecil  Elizabeth Hammett is an honor student at Huntsville High School. On June 23, 2015, Cecil was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN with Anaplastic Large Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. A thief in the night was trying to steal her life. She frequently says “I did not choose cancer. It chose me.

Looking at who I am after going through cancer and who I was before cancer, I would not give up my cancer. Cancer made me a better, stronger and more appreciative person. I do not take one day or any person I love for granted. I feel gratitude to God each morning when I wake up.

She Fought the Battle without Complaining

“Cecil has fought the battle without complaining. She has given many keynote addresses for many different organizations including  St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the American Cancer Society, the LLS, Bosom Buddies and several church groups. She is the LLS Girl of the Year as well as a national (25 chosen) Hero of Hope for the American Cancer Society. 

She has spoken on many radio and TV shows. Cecil plans to be a physician. Her passion is to encourage kids who have cancer as well as speak for fundraising events for cancer research. She tells people openly that in 1994 her aggressive type of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma had no cure and would have been a death sentence.

Today the cure rate for her type of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma is 70%. She is very grateful for cancer research, and she is in remission now. As stated earlier, she would not give up her cancer. It was life changing in a fabulous way even though it was a very cruel time while going through chemo and many surgeries. She is very grateful for her hair extensions and feels that they also are a gift from God.

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Extend USA Personalized 2-Day Training

Hair Extensions after Chemo- Human Hair-Two Day Personalized Training

Extend USA  offers a personalized 2-day training for you. Whether you have been doing extensions for decades or are learning for the very first time, you will love the individual attention you receive from us! This is not your average extension system or training. Extend USA’s extensions are not just about length. Our extensions are about customizing every extension for each of your client’s needs. Our extensions are gentle enough to be used for your post-chemo clients and also for your clients that have thinning hair.

We still work behind the chair doing hair extension clients. Every time I do a new client I try to do their hair better than the last time. After years of doing extensions, we realized that we could do the top of our client’s hair. This led to the ability to do Chemo Patients. We are constantly striving to come up with new ways of fixing clients hair problems. We pass on this knowledge in our Two Day Training Classes. 


The Bonding Process


The hair extension Resin used by Extend USA is produced from naturally derived starting materials.  The difunctional dimer acid used to produce this polymer is based on Tall Oil Fatty acid, which comes from pine trees.  This dimer acid is the major component in the compositional make-up of this resin. We manufacture this resin in stick form for easier application. They are removed using Acetone which is considered a universal solvent by Doctors. The removal process is so easy and damage free that your client could remove their own extensions. A full head of extensions can be removed in less than one hour.


Hair Extensions after Chemo


Our two-day training class teaches you how to safely extend your client’s hair after Chemo or for Thining hair clients. Our system allows you to put in as few as Ten hairs at a time in one extension. The bonding material is naturally derived from tree Bark and is weightless not causing any extra strain on your client’s new hair. We offer a special CHEMO certification after you have completed the two training and then pass our Skype online test. All of our educators are working stylists in their own salons. They will share our technique and real life stories about how they deal with their own clients. Classes are small and one on one teaching. You will be assessed after class to let you know how to go back to your salon and start doing extensions. We help you every step of the way.


What You Will Learn


You will learn how to customize to your client’s hair color, density and hair type. Also, you will learn how to vary the sizes of the extensions to protect your client’s hair from further damage. Most importantly, because we are an owned and operated by hairdressers business, we KNOW how important it is to maintain a close relationship with you after you take our class. We now have pages spotlighting new students work after taking our Two Day Training Class, Hair Extension Class Photographs.


Help with Inventory


Extend USA offers everything from SKYPE refresher courses to help you get the idea of how to order hair, so you don’t have too much or too little. We hold your inventory for you and teach you how to price so that you aren’t spending a fortune on upfront hair purchases. Furthermore, we offer overnight shipping via Fed Ex so you can offer your clients a quick solution to their needs. The truth of the matter is- Extend USA is not successful until YOU are.

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