Thicker, fuller, tangle-free hair

Extend USA’s extensions are today’s leading professional hair extensions.

Our system provides the length, volume, and thickness you’re looking for — with easy, affordable, and virtually undetectable hair extensions.

Extend USA Hair Extensions uses great education, great products and great artistry to create the beauty industry’s highest quality natural extensions. The company is owned and operated by leading beauty industry stylists. Extend USA has the edge on custom color blending and blends to match virtually any hair color.

All Extend USA human hair has been individually hand selected — strand by strand — for our extensions. The finest European, Remy and Russian hair are used to create the Extend USA natural hair extensions. You can easily adjust the length, volume and thickness to create your perfect customized look.

Extend USA’s natural hair extensions offer your clients both length and volume — providing easy, affordable and virtually undetectable hair extensions. After the extensions are attached, they can be cut to various lengths and will last for up to three months. In addition, these extensions can be washed and styled the same way as your natural hair.

Great products. Great education. Great artistry.

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We began offering hair extensions in our salon in 2001. Since the day we started our business has done nothing but grown and we attribute that entirely to Extend USA and our teams desire to become a top hair extension salon.

The education that Richard and the educators of Extend USA was the tool that we needed to launch our company and has been essential to our continued success. First and foremost the quality of hair is unmatched. Second, the technique provides the most natural and blended results of any hair extension system available and I should know since I have become certified in over 7 systems in the past 9 years but continue year after year to provide 95% of my extension services using Extend USA.

If your business is new to hair extensions you owe it to yourself to learn this system and if you are using other systems you should definitely add this to your menu of services. Good luck, I hope you all have the success and good fortune with hair extensions that we have had!!!

Bill Vandiver

The Edge Salon, The Salon of The Tennessee Titans, and NFL Cheerleaders

I had heard about Extend USA from a girlfriend. At the time I was going once a week for a wash, blow-dry, and curling iron set. I was also going for color every 4 weeks and highlights every other month.

Since I have gotten my extensions I go every 3 months for color, highlights, and new extensions. These extensions have changed my life to this day no one knows that I wear them. I can do my own hair and I’m out the door. I am constantly getting compliments on how young I look. It is better than a face-lift.

I could do things that I never could do before, since I was a teenager. Not having to tease my hair, letting the wind blow my hair around, putting my fingers through my hair and having it look great. Changing the style whenever I want!

I have been getting these extensions for 6 years and I will wear them to my grave!

Thanking Extend U.S.A. for changing my life.


Bethesda, Maryland

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Extend USA’s extensions are today’s leading professional hair extensions. Learn more and become a certified Extend USA stylist by attending one of our certification classes.

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